Jack Greens gives back to the community. We're dedicated to making our world a better place through sustainability, smiles & good vibes.

Our Farmers

We are passionate about our food, and so are our farmers. We source our fresh, seasonally grown produce locally from regional South Australia. Sometimes we have to source some produce from a little further away, but only in our never-ending search for the highest quality, most flavoursome and healthy ingredients that meet the Jack Greens standard.

Eating locally sourced foods give you peace of mind. You know the food you're eating has no preservatives and is fresh out of the ground. More than this, just by eating at Jack Greens you're supporting the community by supporting sustainable farming and boosting the local economy.

If you'd like to find out more about our farmers and how we source our produce, hit us up via email, phone or come in and say hi.




It's no magic trick that our sourcerers always come with the tastiest and freshest produce. We strongly believe in sourcing our produce from farmers we know. This allows us to provide you guys with tasty, preservative free food that’s grown and nurtured with love. Our proteins are 100% all natural and free of any artificial hormones.



Our packaging is green in both colour and philosophy. You can see our iconic green coffee cups hanging around town. They’re environmentally sustainable. If the caffeine doesn’t pick you up enough, the stories our packaging tell surely will.



We ensure sustainable practices at Jack Greens by composting the food scraps in our kitchens. We also have composting and recycling stations for you guys to compost your packaging and recycle your bottles. If you can’t recycle and compost, it's all good though, because just by eating at Jack Greens, you're helping make our world a little greener.

Jack's got yo back.

Community Initiatives

Jack Greens is an active member of the community. We're big on the good food, good vibes and good times and we want to have a profound impact on the wider community to ensure a healthy and happy future for everyone. As such, we look to partner with and collaborate with like-minded organisations, initiatives and individuals.

We are proud to be partnered with Life Education who share our vision of generations of healthy young Australians living to their full potential. In order to realise this vision, Life Education visits schools around Australia educating kids about a range of really important topics that impact them at different times of their lives. Things like healthy eating (this is where we come in), physical activity, bullying, cyber-safety, drugs, alcohol, smoking and positive communication.

If you're down with us, dig what we do and would like to team up for a good cause, let us know. We'd love to hear from you and we'll work something out.