Jack Greens is the culmination of a shared passion of life and food. We love what we do, we love what we eat and we want to share this passion with you.

Who is Jack Greens?

A family owned business, Jack Greens was founded in 2015. The goal – to connect with people through food and provide people with somewhere healthy to eat. The vision – a place that’s not just to eat. A space to meet, greet, chill, vibe, collaborate, conversate, create, be inspired and, ultimately, have fun.

Health shouldn’t be hard, and now, Jack Greens makes it easy. Our dedication to sourcing fresh produce from the very best farmers in regional South Australia combined with our specially designed menu, proves that healthy food can be fun and tasty.

Our vision is coming to life. We’ve created a place that embodies all of our passions - good food, good music and good vibes. This has enabled us to give back and make an impact in our community through teaming up with Life Education to ensure healthy and happy futures for Australian kids.

That’s our story so far. We are continually looking to grow, form new partnerships and embark on new adventures. Come in and say hi at Jack Greens in Waymouth Street or James Place, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Our Founding Values

Our values define us. They embody the Jack Greens culture, soul and vision to improve our community while helping us make all the right decisions.

  1. Keep It G-Reen.

    Be sustainable. Not just for the environment, but for yourself - make life choices that will benefit your future. Keep it G and keep it green.

  2. Create.

    Get creative. Create friendships. Create the life you want. Create winning situations for yourself and others but above all, do something!

  3. Laugh.

    Laugh. Smile. Laugh with others and laugh at yourself. Have fun, show love and spread positivity.

  4. Be Passionate.

    Do what you love. Pursue the things that make you feel alive and human. Passion + persistence = success.

Glorious Food

We are dedicated to providing locally sourced, healthy and delcious food to you but first, we put each ingredient through a rigorous process to see if it’s Jack-worthy:


We ensure that healthy tastes good. We focus on freshness that showcases the vibrant flavours of the ingredients that are prepared in our own kitchen by our head chef.


Our ingredients are all-natural. This means that they are free of preservatives and retain their optimum nutritional value - especially our seasonal produce. We carry this philosophy through all of our food - even our proteins are hormone and antiobiotic free.


We source our produce from the very best farmers in regional South Australia. We form relationships with like-minded producers who are passionate about their product and their livestock.

The Motto

Do what you love.
Love what you eat.
Keep it g-reen.
Be passionate.
Show some love.
Create & cultivate.